100% natural.


Dr. Animal s.r.o. was established to provide complex and specialized care for dogs and cats. We are a Czech company, with our own brand of purely natural treats Dr. Animal. By distributing purely natural products in maximum quality, we want to offer products suitable for all life stages of your pets.

We believe that natural products with maximal digestibility and without any chemical preservatives, colouring or cereals will find a large community of customers. We would like to offer the widest offer of treats and food supplements for dogs and cats by choosing thoroughly the ingredients, wide source of animal proteins and their careful processing, with possibilities to offer also monoprotein and hypoallergen products.

Our wide product range can meet the requirements of all dog breeds.
The goal of our company is a complete care of your pets.

Product lines

About brand Dr. Animal

100% Natural product

All products contain 100% natural ingredients, without any chemical modifications.


Dr. Animal products are manually controlled, chosen and processed with care. Packaging is also done manually.

All products are produced in EU

Raw materials for dried products are used from EU (Austria, Germany).

Without chemicals and colorings

We don´t add any colorings or chemici concentrates into our products. Everything is natural-based.

High digestibility.

Products are highly digestable, meaning minimal load for the organism and delivering necessary energy and vitamins.

Complements the necessary nutrients

All Dr. Animal products contain natural fiber, vitamins and proteins, which are deficient/unbalanced in common animal food.